Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights

All students at East Carolina University have the right to:

  1. Know the type of financial assistance available, including information on all Federal, State, and University financial aid programs.
  2. Know the procedures and deadlines for submitting applications for Federal, State and University aid programs.
  3. Know how your financial need was determined, the resources considered in the calculation of your need, and how much of your financial need has been met by ECU.
  4. Request a review of your financial aid package if there are changes in your family’s ability to meet the cost of attendance.
  5. Know how ECU determines whether you are making Satisfactory Academic Progress and what happens if you fail to meet the requirement.
  6. Know the impact on your financial aid if you withdraw from ECU or drop a course.
  7. Know the terms and provisions of loan payments, including amount and repayment schedules.
  8. Know how ECU awards financial aid and when it is disbursed.
  9. Know ECU’s estimated Cost of Attendance and what items are included.
  10. Know ECU’s refund and repayment policy.

Student Responsibilities

All students at East Carolina University are responsible for:

  1. Acknowledging and meeting all deadlines for applying or reapplying for financial aid.
  2. Providing complete and accurate information on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and financial aid forms. Misreporting of information for federal aid is a violation of the law and is considered criminal offense.
  3. Responding to all requests for additional documentation in a timely manner.
  4. Reading, understanding, and accepting responsibility for all documents and forms that must be signed and keeping copies of them.
  5. Providing updated information when changes occur, such as a withdrawal from school, a change in name, marital status, housing, or expected date of graduation.
  6. Reading, understanding, and complying with all published financial aid policies.
  7. Informing the Office of Student Financial Aid of any and all outside scholarships or resources available to assist you in attending ECU.
  8. Being in good Academic Standing with the university as well as maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  9. Notifying ECU and your lender of any changes in address.
  10. Performing in a satisfactory manner within all Federal Work-Study positions.